Bitcoin and Altcoin price prediction: Is this the start of the long-awaited rally?

Every time the crypto queens make a leap, like yesterday, the market holds its breath. “Is this the start of the long-awaited rally?” Unfortunately, the answer is again negative. As we will see in the graphical analysis, the rates around the point of yesterday move. Even outside the top-10, the top-25 oscillates reasonably quietly back and forth. Big exception is the Ox (ZRX), which rises more than 30%. In the crypto-news overview we offer an overview of the most important news facts and we conclude with the preview of the agenda and trading day of today to prepare for the crypto-analysis of tomorrow. Now first our analysis today.

Crypto-analysis Bitcoin and Altcoin top 10:

Yesterday the prices rose because people quickly removed their currency at the Tether (USDT). Now that the storm around this (not so) stable coin has receded, the volatility has disappeared from the market. As we see in the graphical crypto-analysis, the rates of Bitcoin and Altcoin top-10 are moving around the values ​​of yesterday. The results are therefore not surprising. The Ripple (XRP) is the only one showing a positive weekly result.

Crypto-analysis other Altcoins:

Even outside the top 10 we see relatively small fluctuations in the prices in the top 25 today. The biggest declining is the Dogecoin (DOGE), which delivers 3.62%. Notable riser is Ox, (ZRX), which rises by as much as 31.24% and almost automatically checks the week result.
The crypto news of the last 24 hours:

Besides the crypto-analysis we released two episodes from the series ‘the next Bitcoin’ yesterday. We viewed the Enjin Coin (ENJ) and the VeChain (VET). We also presented a report of the vision of analyst Ran Neuner, who will soon see the Bitcoin course going ‘through the roof’. Finally, we focus on messenger service Telegram that develops its own Blockchain, Ton.
Crypto coins

This analysis provides a price jump of no less than $ 3,500 for the Bitcoin. Some investors are even more enthusiastic. This expert sees the price rise by a factor of 1,000. According to these analysts, the rally is expected in early 2019.

This analysis provides a bull rally for Ripple (XRP) and this background article looks for the answer to the question why Ripple is so often in the news.

The price increase of the Ox (ZRX) is obvious. It appears that traders earn a lot of money. This article explains how.

With this article, which explains why a price jump would really be forthcoming, we close the crypton news about crypto coins today.

The price increase for the Ox (ZRX) is obvious. Perhaps the listing on Coinbase is the explanation for this.

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