Mass shooting at the Crimean college left 19 dead

According to the Russian Ministry of Health at least nineteen dead and dozens injured in an attack on a college in the city of Kerch. According to the authorities in Crimea, the attacker is an 18-year-old student of the school.

He would be the only perpetrator and committed suicide. The Crimea is a peninsula that has been annexed by Russia since a few years. Before that, it belonged to Ukraine.

After having caused an explosion in the canteen, the attacker would have walked upstairs. There he would have shot everyone he saw. The Russian news agency RIA reports that a second explosive was later found and dismantled.

The Russians said earlier to assume a terrorist attack. In the first minutes after the attack, several perpetrators were also discussed. The authorities now regard the event as (mass) murder and no longer as terrorism, says correspondent David Jan Godfroid.

Little is known about the motif of the perpetrator. Russian media, who spoke with fellow students of the suspected gunman, report that he was very isolated and disliked the school. He would have said he wanted to take “revenge” on the teachers, though it is unknown what they would have done to him.

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