Control your Chromecast through your voice without Google Home

It is possible to give your Chromecast commands via voice control. You do not need a Google Home or Home Mini, but the Google Assistant on your smartphone. This is how you can do it.

Chromecast voice control via Google Assistant

One of the most useful features of Google Home is the ability to give your Chromecast voice commands. For example, you can say that you want to watch a specific series on Netflix, after which your Chromecast puts it on television. Or you say that you wish to play certain music or a podcast on specific speakers, and that happens. It is quite Handy, but the Google Home is not yet for sale in some parts of Europe. That will soon change, but there is already a temporary solution.

Google Assistant on your smartphone can also contact your Chromecast. Whether it’s a Chromecast in your television, Chromecast Audio for a speaker, or a device with built-in Google Cast support.

Make sure you link your Netflix and Spotify at the Google Home app. To do this, tap the profile icon in the bottom right of the app, after which you can link your accounts via ‘Set or Add’ under ‘Music and audio’ and ‘Videos and photos’. Once you have done this, you can play a Netflix series or Spotify songs via a simple voice command. Activate the Google Assistant on your Android device and say “Play The Haunting of Hill House” to start the series directly on your Chromecast.

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