Is car manufacturer Tesla misleading investors again?

Car company Tesla may have deliberately given incorrect figures on the production of Model 3, the newest type. For this reason, the American intelligence service FBI has boosted the investigation into the deception of investors by Tesla. This is what The Wall Street Journal reports on the basis of insiders.

Tesla recently reached a settlement with stock market watchdog SEC on more or less the same subject. At the time, it was mainly about the tweets of CEO Elon Musk about getting his business out of the fair, but also reports about car production were included.

Criminal case

Now that a civil procedure has been averted with that settlement, a criminal case is still lying in wait. In mid-September, Tesla said it had volunteered information to the prosecution. At that time it was not yet known that the survey was about Model 3 and that was looked at from the beginning of 2017.

The company announced in a statement that it had cooperated with the agency, but had not heard anything from the Public Prosecution Service for months. Tesla is under the looking glass of investors, who either believe in the company or invest a lot of money on the downfall of Tesla. The company spends a lot of money on the development of cars and getting the production up and running, and it carries considerable debts.

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