The pattern behind the Pittsburgh events

I can’t avoid a temptation to point at current events as a continuation of a series. Should we view a recent Soros/Obama/Clinton “mail bombing” and Robert Bowers shooting the synagogue in Pittsburgh we will definitely be tempted to look for similarities. It’s what the press will give in abundance. Just add up the horde of immigrants brutally oppressed during the attempt to break through the border and we will readily have a picture that is needed for elections to turn to the much desired way.

Or isn’t? Any big enough set contains an orderly subsets. I’ve heard it is called the Russell’s paradox. So it can be a solid base for a good conspiracy or maybe just a coincidence and set of an ugly circumstances, as for example autumn manifest of psychic disorders.

But the way it will be used by press professionals isn’t. Let’s sit back and enjoy the Grand Finale of the elections.

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