CNN receives another suspicious package: are copycats at work?

CNN has finally found a devoted fan base

CNN has received yet another suspicious package on Monday morning. According to Atlanta police, the suspicious package looks like the bomb kits that were sent out last Wednesday to some Trump critics.

Are there multiple bomb makers at work? Despite the arrest of Cesar Sayoc [56], the man who is associated with sending at least fourteen bomb packs, CNN has already received a suspicious package for the third time. The news channel reported it in a press release.

This morning, a post office in Atlanta intercepted a suspicious package that was addressed to CNN. There has been no imminent danger for the CNN building. All correspondence, for all CNN offices, has been screened outside last Wednesday. So this package would never have ended up directly with us, even if it was first intercepted.

According to the police in Atlanta, the suspicious package looks like the bomb packs that were sent last Wednesday to former President Barack Obama, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and actor Robert De Niro. CNN was also targeted by two packages: the first arrived on Wednesday morning at the news channel in New York and was directed to former CIA director John Brennan, who actually works for competitor NBC. The second package was found in a post office on Friday and was sent to both CNN and the former director of national security James Clapper, who now also works regularly for CNN.

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