‘Secret deal reached over British-Irish border’

The deal so secret that nobody should know it...

The British and the EU would have reached a secret deal stating that the United Kingdom remains part of the European Customs Union after the Brexit. This would keep the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland open. That writes The Sunday Times based on sources around the British Prime Minister May.

The Irish border is currently the biggest stumbling block in the Brexit negotiations. If there is indeed an agreement over the border, that is a victory for May. The British have been looking for a solution for some time. The EU found the proposals with which Prime Minister May came so far, time and time again too thin.

Sufficient progress

According to the newspaper, the British cabinet meets Tuesday to discuss the deal. Coming Friday, May would have made sufficient progress to convince the EU to organize a special brexit summit between the parties.

A spokesperson for May says that The Sunday Times only speculates. According to him, the negotiations are still going on.

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