Trump draws the migration card again

It is worth noting, that the migrant group heading to the US borders grows not only in number and social importance, it grows in terminology. Somebody wise enough coined a word ‘caravan’ which is better than a ‘horde’. And it is not ‘illegal migrants’ anymore. It is, according to the media outlets, ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘refugees’. The press will thrive on the upcoming violence and everyone will be happy. Including president Trump, for whom this planed invasion serves as an illustration of the loose immigration policies of the past.

An image that, as the mid-term elections for Congress approach, he gets more and more to his own hands. “An invasion of pretty rough people”, he described the asylum seekers at the end of last week in a speech, “which advances to the American border”. An uncontrolled mass that, according to the president, consists mainly of young men who bring drugs and crime into the country.

To reinforce that message he had an election spot in which caravan images alternated with those of a Mexican migrant, who was sentenced to death in 2014 for killing two policemen.

With his anti-migration statements the president wants to show himself of his most energetic side. With motos like ‘we will defend our borders’, and ‘we should guarantee safety for women’ he hopes to score points. It worked two years ago when, in the run-up to the presidential election, he also drew ‘the migration card’.

The sending of thousands of armed soldiers to the Mexican border to stop the migrants can be seen in that light. “If migrants throw stones, our soldiers will fight back.I have told them, consider the stones as a gun,” he said Thursday.

A day later, Trump said he had not intended that the military should shoot the migrants, but they must arrest them. Perhaps he weakened his statements after criticism, also from his own party.

Also migration is the main subject of his campaign, Trump does not come up with concrete plans for the asylum system that he says is ‘endemically abused’.

However, he is interested in adjustments to the birthright. According to the law, a child born in the US is automatically a US citizen, even if the parents are not. The president wants to get rid of that. The Republican Senator Paul Ryan pointed out to him that a constitutional change is needed. Also on Trump’s intention to restrict the number of border crossings where people can request asylum and set up large tent camps where they can be detained, certainly not only came from Democrats criticism.

Nevertheless, Trump has for the time being succeeded in deducing his attention to things that do not suit him with his anti-migration tetoric. For example, there was the arrest of one of his supporters for a series of bomb letters delivered to prominent critics of the president. Painful was also his visit to Pittsburgh. He was not welcome there after the deadly shooting in the synagogue because of the ‘division he sows’.

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