Blue Wave was not exactly a success, Red Wave was simply non-existent

Democrats take the majority in the House of Representatives and Republicans retain the Senate and even win a few seats in it. These are the preliminary results of the American interim elections.

With 218 seats, the Democrats have finally won the majority in the House of Representatives, while the Republicans will win in the Senate.

These midterms are seen as a referendum on the functioning of President Trump. Losing the House of Representatives is a setback for Trump, but the president did not have a bad evening.

The blue wave predicted by Democrats did not become the tsunami that Democrats hoped for. The left America hoped to win the victory early in the evening, but that was more difficult than expected, and the victory is still less than hoped for at the moment.

Loss was predicted

Trump had already calculated the loss of the House of Representatives. And his loss is anyhow less than that of his predecessor Obama at his first midterms. In addition, the Republicans are strengthening their grip on the Senate. Trump reacted elated via twitter.

With the loss of one of the two rooms, it will be more difficult for Trump to get legislation through. The House of Representatives has an important role to finance projects. Trump still wants to build a wall.

In addition, Trump can expect difficult investigations. Democrats can now start easier thanks to their majority. In theory, an impeachment procedure can now also be started more easily, but at present this possibility is mainly theoretical.

Several candidates that Democrats had hoped for did not make it anyway. For example, Republican former presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Texas won a few percent difference from the Democratic posterboy Beto O’Rourke.

In Florida, Trumpist Ron Desantis won the battle for the governorship of progressive candidate Andrew Gillum. In Georgia, Stacey Abrams should have become the first black woman to become governor, but she did not save it either.

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