Sinead O’Connor managed to insult everyone which is kind of achievement

Maybe by 'white people' she meant doctors? That explains everything

Sinéad O’Connor is living from one episode to other, changing her beliefs in the the pit stops. She managed to be an Orthodox and Catholic. So it was only matter of time that she will try Islam. As she converted to Islam Sinéad O’Connor felt an obligation to proclaim something really… innovative. And it followed.

“I’m really sorry. What I’m going to say now is incredibly racist and I never thought I could feel it. But honestly I never want to spend time with white people (if that’s the right term for non-Muslims). Not a single moment, for no reason at all. They are disgusting!” writes Shuhada ‘Davitt, as Sinéad is going through life today.

Just for the information of Sinead, Many Muslims of Arabic origin are incredibly deeply insulted by telling them that they are ‘not white’.

Let’s imagine symmetric situation – somebody proclaims, in a publicly accessible written form that black people is disgusting. Or Asians are disgusting. Or Muslims are disgusting. The many preceding ‘sorrys’ would not help the person to run from oblivion. The reason Sinéad O’Connor feels possible to write such things of ‘white people’ is that she is the product of the Western Civilization, 100%.

Of course people reacted. Instead of rethinking the colossal arrogance of her words she has gone in counter attack. She mentioned Trump as a example of of Twitter misuse for “their satanic talk”.

The former singer is often called crazy. Judging from her own words it can be well be true. So let’s judge her words as a course of disease. But let’s not forget that tolerating such things, by the Twitter platform included is a way to the total social disease, not a personal one.

Just as an illustration let’s take the fate of another woman – Asia Bibi, a Pakistani woman whom Shuhada own colleagues in ‘doing the dirty work for the Lord’ demanding to murder for blasphemy. That is also a social disease which is so spread that it has turned to the norm.

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