Trump in row with the “Obama judge”

Because of his criticism of the so-called ‘partisanship’ of a judge, US President Donald Trump has raged the anger of the Supreme Court of the United States. The chief judge of the court, John Roberts, spoke to Trump on Wednesday and said that “we do not have an Obama judge, a Trump judge, a Bush judge or a Clinton judge”. However it is far from the truth.

Instead, we have a leading group of committed judges, who do their best and treat everyone according to the equal standards of law, said the lawyer, who himself is a conservative.

“This independent justice is something for which we should all be grateful.”

A federal court in interlocutory proceedings had temporarily halted Trump’s latest tightening of the asylum rules. For Trump, that was enough to accuse the responsible judge Jon Tigar of partiality. Trump alluded undisguised that the judge is impartial because it has been appointed by his predecessor Barack Obama. “That’s an Obama judge,” said Trump, who in the same breath criticized the entire jurisdiction that Tigar belongs to. “With every complaint in the ninth jurisdiction, we lose.” That is not possible, Trump said, who so severed the separation of powers.

After the highly unusual failure of the Chief Judge was the last word for Trump. On Twitter he wrote that there are “Obama judges” and that they have different insights as those responsible for safety in the US.

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