Lessons learnt: UK will get the stripped down independence

You can't temporary give up independence and regain it later

The Heads of Government of the EU countries have given their blessing to the Brexit agreement. At a summit in Brussels they agreed on Sunday with the bulky divorce treaty and a political statement about the relationship after the British departure.
In brief:

“This is the deal,” said Jean-Claude Juncker before British Prime Minister Theresa May joined the company in Brussels. According to Juncker, May will succeed in piloting the deal through the British Parliament, something that analysts see as a big challenge.

According to Juncker, it is a “sad day” and the agreement is a “tragedy” that will be tough for both parties.

Earlier in the day, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said it was time for everyone to take his “responsibility”.

“This deal is necessary to build trust and we will remain allies and friends.”

Honestly, it is a pervert doctrine of friendship. The country which loose the war usually pays contribution and gets sovereignty stripped. It is what happened with Britain, except it was no war.

The United Kingdom will leave the Union on 29 March 2019. In the agreement in principle, which was reached earlier this month after a marathon session of negotiations, the British withdrawal is arranged. There is also a letter of intent about the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

The most sensitive issue is Northern Ireland. If the UK leaves the European Union, there will be a hard line on the Irish island. After years of unrest and violence, both parties want to prevent this and so, first of all, agreements have been made about the transition period. This can be extended until 2022, provided both parties agree.

Should the negotiators not agree on the Irish border during the transition period, the so-called ‘backstop’ will take effect. It has been agreed that the United Kingdom will remain temporarily in a customs union with the EU. The customs union applies to all products except those from fishing.

The agreement states that the United Kingdom can not step out of the backstop independently. As long as they are not there, the May government can not conclude trade agreements with other countries independently. That is May being very well-worn by Brexit hawks in British politics. They consider it a loss of British sovereignty. Which it is, to be fair.

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