Mexx: long-suffering Phoenix effect or Giant rebirth

Fashion brand Mexx returns to shopping street after long term acquisition.

Fashion brand Mexx opens a new store in Nieuwegein (NL) this week and returns in the Dutch shopping streets. It is the first store that the brand opens since it was taken over last year by Dutch company RNF Holding. This brought Mexx back into Dutch hands after the Turkish Eroglu Holding had the rights to the brand for a number of years.

Mexx already came with a first collection last spring, which it sold online and through stores in Greece and countries of the former Soviet Union. Next year, RNF wants to introduce Mexx worldwide again. That includes more new stores.

The company focuses primarily on important markets such as the Benelux, France, Greece and Germany where Mexx still has a lot of name recognition. Canada, the Middle East and the former Soviet countries are also on the radar and an introduction of Mexx to Egypt and China is being considered.

Mexx originated in the Netherlands in the seventies, but went bankrupt in 2014. At the beginning of 2015 the company made a limited restart under the wings of Eroglu.

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