Mike Pompeo urges to restrain from aggressive rhetoric in Khashoggi case

It's all warm and cozy as the billions are at stake

State Secretary Mike Pompeo cherishes the good relations between the Americans and Saudi Arabia. He warned Wednesday that imposing restrictions is a bad thing for national security.

Moreover, such a measure would not send Saudis in a more desirable direction in their own country.

“The murder of the Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey has fueled the quarreling on Capitol Hill and created a media hype. But relegating the relationship with Riyadh would be a serious mistake for the security of the US and its allies,” said Pompeo, before making a statement to a Senate committee.

He referred, among other things, to the fight against IS and the counterweight that the Saudis offer Iran.

Not everyone agreed

Defense colleague James Mattis attacked Pompeo by stating that Saudi Arabia plays an essential role in maintaining stability in the Middle East. According to him, that should certainly not be forgotten if the Washington wants to know who is responsible for the execution of Khashoggi in Istanbul.

However, the Republican senator Lindsey Graham threatened to abstain on important issues, including the upcoming budget proposals, until the CIA briefed the Senate on the Khashoggi affair. He especially wants to know the role played by the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“I will not let that authority be denied and I want to hear from the CIA whether they share my opinion that this could not have happened without the knowledge of MBS [Mohammed bin Salman] or not,” says Graham.

And if it turns out that the actual ruler in Riyadh was aware “then it is no longer ‘business as usual’ with Saudi Arabia.” The wealthy kingdom is a distinguished customer of the American arms industry.

Trump condemned the murder of Kashoggi earlier this month, but stressed that the economic interests are too big to risk.

“After the United States, Saudi Arabia is the largest oil-producing nation in the world. They have worked closely with us and responded very well to my requests to keep oil prices at a reasonable level – that is very important to the world. “

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