Use of fossil fuels pushed CO₂ 3 percent higher

CO2 emissions will have risen by 3 percent this year worldwide. The scientists of the Global Carbon Project had this bleak announcement in their annual report.

It was presented in Katowice, Poland, where representatives from around 190 countries meet for a climate summit. According to the 76 scientists of the project, the increase is due to the use of fossil fuels.

Last year greenhouse gas CO2 emissions increased by 1.6 percent, but it was hoped that it was a temporary peak after two earlier years of virtually unchanged figures. That hope was beaten Wednesday.

In Katowice (Poland) the countries talk about the way in which the Paris Climate Agreement can be put into practice. This is aimed at ensuring that the temperature on the earth at the end of this century has not risen by more than 2 degrees. The UN indicated earlier that the countries should do more because the rate is now in the direction of 3 to 5 degrees of warming.

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