Pornhub’s Annual overview shows everyone The Bitter Truth

If we rely on Pornhub’s annual overview of visitor data, we would like to thank you for interrupting your ceaseless pornography for the purpose of visiting our blog site. Fortunately, just like us, you only look at serious news pages and blogs and it’s just ‘the rest’ that looks at porn.

PornHub, one of the largest porn sites in the world, has this week published its famous and slightly ominous ‘Year in review’, the annual mirror for the internet humanity. In 2018, PornHub was visited 33.5 billion times, while the number of people on this globe really is 7.5 billion. That’s 5 billion more than last year. If we look at the number of visitors per country, we will find – yes – our 17 million-and-a-bit-counting nation in the fifteenth place, yet a place lower than last year but, equally impressive.

Then you may remember that PornHub is not the only site visited by the Dutch. More data about the Dutch PornHub- schurf after the break. In 2018, a # metoo movement can also be observed in the pornography visit; the proportion of women rose by 3% to 29% compared to last year. She’s also now. So there goes the clich√© that only men watch porn. Women do, however, like to watch women, and men search for it more in the orient: ‘Lesbian’ remained the number one search among female visitors to Pornhub, while ‘Japanese’ grew to become the number one among men in place of ‘MILF ‘. The influence of the news, gaming and new techniques can also be observed. Trumps former mistress ‘Stormy Daniels’, the gaming sensation ‘Fortnite’ and ‘4K’ were among the most used search terms. Well, the porn need is not an isolated psychic category of course, but it is in the midst of digital life. And as long as all data is shown in an anonymous form, that’s pretty fun.

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