This is the end, Obama’s only friend…

We can learn a lot from the United States, but the organization and financing of health care is not part of that. That has everything to do with culture: for example, Obamacare requires citizens to take out health insurance.

US people find a government that prescribes what you have to buy un-American and are therefore against. For these people, the last judgment of a Texan judge is a boost. The judge ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional because there is currently no penalty anymore on being uninsured. He reasons that with the lapse of the fine, the obligation in Obamacare and with that the foundation under the healthcare law has been canceled. This is of course all politically plugged in, because reducing the fine to $ 0 was part of the tax reforms that the Trump government has implemented.

If Obamacare goes into the trash, that will affect at least 20 million Americans. It is not that far yet, because obviously this will lead to a lengthy legal procedure. It is already known that supporters of Obamacare will appeal against the ruling. This is becoming cozy neighborhoods near the Supreme Court, where two times before this law has been passed. Both in 2012 and in 2015 the judges ruled that Obamacare is not unconstitutional. But although the conservative majority in the Supreme Court does not necessarily help, it is now a matter for Obamacare’s supporters to argue that the disappearance of the fine does not erase the foundation under the law. This is chewing chips, nuts and popcorn uninsured anyway.

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