The World at 7,67 billions

The world’s population is expected to have grown to more than 7.67 billion people by early 2019. That is 83 million more than the year before. This was announced by the German World Population Foundation (DSW) on Friday in Hannover.

The African population in particular experienced strong growth. There, today’s population will nearly double by 1.3 billion people by 2.5 billion people according to current United Nations forecasts by 2050. ‘One of the main reasons for population growth in sub-Saharan Africa is the high number of unwanted pregnancies’, said DSW chairwoman Renate Bähr.

One in two women can not do that, even if they want to. ‘As a result, women on average have to put a child on the world more than they want.’ Reasons are poor information, no contraception, no good health care and the lack of equal rights for women. As a development organization in the countries concerned, DSW provides family planning opportunities. Young people are the main target group of the projects.

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