‘Allies’ will no longer profiteer on US

“Our allies will no longer profiteer on the United States.” The American president Donald Trump tweeted this Monday. Trump was referring to the criticism of his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria. Among others, his Minister of Defense Jim Mattis starts out of dissatisfaction with the policy of Trump, and in particular with that decision.

“To the few senators who think I do not like to be allied to other countries, they are wrong, I like that,” Trump tweeted. “What I do not like, on the other hand, is when a number of those countries benefit from their friendship with the United States, whether for military protection or for trade”, it still sounded.

“General Mattis did not see that as a problem. I do, and that will be arranged. “Trump announced Sunday that Patrick Shanahan will become interim ad interim from 1 January. Shanahan was deputy minister under Mattis.

This week, a US military delegation is expected in Turkey to talk about the American withdrawal from Syria. That’s what the Turkish President Erdogan’s spokesperson said.

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