Volkswagen makes 360kWh power bank to charge electric cars

Volkswagen makes a mobile charging station for electric cars. The Mobile Charging Station has a battery capacity of 360kWh and can be placed in places where there is no power supply. Volkswagen will start a trial in 2019.

The large power bank is intended to be placed in places where a charging station is temporarily needed, or where there is no infrastructure to install a permanent charging station. Volkswagen states that the mobile charging station could be used for events, among other things.

The Mobile Charging Station has a loading capacity of 360kWh and Volkswagen claims that this is enough to charge up to fifteen electric cars. Four cars can be charged at the same time, two with direct current and two with alternating current and the station is also suitable for charging electric bikes.

According to the car manufacturer, the mobile charging station can charge fast with up to 100kW and charging a car takes ‘about 17 minutes on average’. The manufacturer then starts from charging up to 80 percent of a battery of the Volkswagen e-Golf, which corresponds to 28kWh.

The charging station is based on Volkswagens own Modular Electric Toolkit, the platform for the electric cars of the brand. The manufacturer states that this can give batteries from electric cars a second life. Batteries that are no longer suitable for use in cars due to wear and tear can still be used in mobile charging stations.

The power bank can be used separately from the mains, but can also be connected and can then be charged with alternating current at a power of 30kW. The power banks can also be used to store green electricity. In the first half of 2019 Volkswagen will use the first mobile charging stations in Wolfsburg as a trial. From 2020, the car manufacturer wants to use the power banks in other cities and produce them on a larger scale.

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