Back to Old School: US and Colombia to ‘restore democracy’ in Venezuella

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, agreed on Wednesday to work together to diplomatically isolate President Micolas Maduro’s government in Venezuela. They are going to “restore” democracy in the country.

The “long democratic tradition” of Colombia makes the country a “natural leader” in the region to “support” democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela, Pompeo and Duque say in a joint statement.

Pompeo paid a short visit to Carthagena, on the Caribbean coast. Pompeo said he had talked with Duque about a way to work with allies in the region and internationally to help the Venezuelans “recover their democratic heritage” and “help those who flee the country”.

The Colombian president, who committed himself to diplomatically isolate Maduro when he took office in early August, called on those who defend democracy to reject Maduro’s “dictatorship” together. ”

We, all countries that share democratic values, must unite us to reject the dictatorship in Venezuela. We must make all necessary efforts to restore democracy and the constitutional order. “

Venezuelan President Maduro begins his second term of office on 10 January. The presidential elections last year were boycotted by the opposition and not recognized by a large part of the international community. Many Venezuelans have fled the country because of the economic crisis that plagues the country.

Because of the Monroe doctrine, a principle of American foreign policy, the US has a tradition of political intervention in South America. This also led to excesses, such as support for military dictatorships, such as that of the Chilean general Augusto Pinochet.

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