US started modest and orderly withdrawal from Syria

It's like advancement, but backwards

The United States has started with the withdrawal of their troops fighting in the north of Syria against Islamic State (IS). That’s what a spokesperson for the military said on Friday.

US President Donald Trump had already announced last month that the United States would bring back 2,000 soldiers from Syria, as the fight against IS – “the only reason we are there,” said Trump, was won. The verdict surprised his allies in the fight against IS. There was also astonished reaction in the US. Moreover, it was not entirely clear what Trump meant exactly. Security adviser John Bolton said afterwards during a tour in the Middle East that the American troops would stay ‘until IS defeated’. Or reinvented anew for some purpose, let’s assume.

But according to Colonel Sean Ryan, the coalition has now begun “the process of withdrawal”. Details about specific times or troop movements were not released for safety reasons.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory, based in London, reported Thursday a convoy of ten armored vehicles that left Syria and went to Rmeilan in Iraq.

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