OPCW banned Novichok – decades after it was developed as chemical weapon

Guess what? Novichok has been banned

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will add Novichok to the list of prohibited poisons. The members of the international organization in The Hague have adopted a proposal on Monday.

Novichok is the nerve gas from the time of the Soviet Union that was used last year in the English Salisbury against the Russian ex-doublespion Sergei Skripal. His daughter was also injured. In nearby Amesbury, two more victims were killed later that year. One of them died.

The 41 members of the OPCW’s decision-making body approved a joint proposal from the United States, the Netherlands and Canada, according to the Member States on Monday.

The members agreed “to add two families of highly toxic chemicals (including the substance used in Salisbury),” according to Canada’s ambassador to the OPCW, Sabine Nolke, on Twitter. Russia distanced itself from the decision, but did not stop it, she wrote.

Members have ninety days to think of themselves. After that it is no longer possible to lodge an objection.

Monday’s decision was the first change to the organization’s list of prohibited toxins since its inception in 1997. The list includes toxins such as VX, sarin and mustard gas.

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