New German-French friendship treaty is a sell-off for France, Marine Le Pen considers

Marine Le Pen and the “yellow vests” make conspiracy theories in France against the new German-French friendship treaty. The country is facing the “sell-off” – the government must respond.

With the assertion that in Alsace and Lorraine the Germans would soon be in charge again, France is currently in the mood against the new German-French friendship treaty. Prior to the signing of the treaty on Tuesday by President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel in Aachen, in particular the “yellow vests” movement via Facebook has spread conspiracy theories and fueled fears of a “sell-out” of France by President Macron.

The chairman of the “Rassemblement National” (RN), Marine Le Pen, affirmed in a TV interview in the station BFM-TV that the Aachen Treaty “equals a betrayal” of France. “Macron is selling our land piecemeal and is crumbling our sovereignty,” complained Le Pen. She compared the ostensibly secret approach to the Treaty of Aachen with the signing of the UN migration pact. “Three days before the Aachen Treaty is signed, we learn from it, so that no one can protest.” The contract is very serious and will “undermine the power of our country,” said Le Pen.

She also claimed that the treaty would destroy the special position of France, which Charles de Gaulle had won after the Second World War for the country. Macron is considering sharing France’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council with Germany, argues the right-wing populist politician, although this is not in the treaty text.

“What is the concession of Germany?”

Le Pen’s ally during the presidential election campaign, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan from the party “Debout la France”, moved the Aachen Treaty close to the UN migration pact in a widely shared video message over the weekend. Dupont-Aignan was outraged that in the border areas in Alsace and Lorraine in future “German laws” should apply. Article 15 also provides for bilingualism. But the national language in France is French. Dupont-Aignan called to read the treaty text “between the lines” and not to believe the government, which will deny everything.

In his two debates with the mayors, Macron did not say a word about the Aachen Treaty, which shows he does not want to talk about it openly, Dupont-Aignan said. It is clear that the planned permanent coordination with Berlin “a subjugation of France” will be initiated. France sacrifices its international position without any compensation if it undertakes to coordinate all foreign and security policy decisions with Berlin. “What is Germany’s willingness to be?” Asked Dupont-Aignan.

Mistrust spread into the Republican Party. Representative Julien Aubert (LR) was suspicious of President Macron’s lack of transparency. He doubted that bilingualism was constitutional in the border regions of Alsace and Lorraine. France has not ratified the European Charter for the Protection of Regional and Minority Languages. In 2015, a new attempt failed because of the resistance of the right-wing majority in the Senate.

“France is threatened”

Behind the refusal was already then the fear that over the language question also the separation from France could be organized – not only in Alsace, on Corsica or in Brittany. The student Mathieu Lafleur of the Republican Republican Organization published a petition on the Internet with the headline “No to the Aachen Treaty!”. “France is threatened,” it says, the Aachen Treaty is a “Versailles Treaty” for France. It can not be that Macron sign such a contract without questioning the French people. The “yellow vests” also demand that a referendum be organized before signing important contracts.

Meanwhile, the protests of the movement have not stopped, despite the “national debate” opened by Macron. On Saturday, according to the Interior Minister, 84,000 citizens demonstrated across the country. In Avignon, Le Mans, Angers and Toulouse there were attacks on city hall and prefectural buildings.

The French government reacted to the wave of criticism and rumors about the Aachen Treaty by publishing the text of the treaty. Europe Minister Nathalie Loiseau said the circulating claims could almost be called funny if they were not so miserable. “It’s probably the hate that leads one to invent such information,” she wrote on Twitter. “Such deliberate lies are unworthy of French democracy,” a member of Macron’s “La République en marche” movement, Sabine Thillaye, revolted.

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