US-China brawl reflected in Wisconsin

Foxconn partly reverses his plans for a large branch in the US state of Wisconsin. Initially, LCD screens would be made in the facility where the Apple supplier invests $ 10 billion. The company now says that it does not see any good in it and prefers to make it a research location.

“We do not intend to build a factory in Wisconsin. You can not see our investment there as a factory, “says a spokesperson for the company about the location.

Personnel costs in the United States would be too high to put together TVs at competitive prices. Instead of production, Foxconn mainly wants to hire researchers and designers in the state. The company does remain with the promise to hire 13,000 employees in the US, but says that this will take longer than originally thought.

The decision is politically sensitive in the US. The arrival of the Taiwanese manufacturer, stimulated with all sorts of tax advantages, was praised by the Donald Trump government as a revival of the American manufacturing industry. Foxconn now lets it hold on to a production model where LCD screens are produced in China and neighboring countries and assembled in Mexico.

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