New York prisons left without heating

Prisoners in a detention center in New York have had virtually no heating or electricity for a week, while outside temperatures dropped.

Almost a thousand prisoners were in their cell without heating, light or access to computers to share their misery with their lawyers or family. The temperature inside was only slightly over the freezing pont, Sky channel reports.

The inmates banged the walls and shone with flashlights from their windows to seek help after a power outage.

The Attorney General of New York is furious about the state of affairs.

“It is unacceptable, illegal and inhumane to hold people without provisions, access to their lawyer or medical care,” she twittered.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had yesterday delivered generators and blankets to the prison. That was not in everyone’s favor. According to critics, De Blasio does more for prisoners than for the 5000 tenants in the Bronx who have been without heating for two weeks.

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