Is the browser with proxy built-in a smart idea?

Although Opera may not necessarily call itself ‘the biggest browser’, we can praise the unique internet tool for the unique features it offers. Not only do you all get relatively exclusive options with the browser, you can now also largely use anonymous internet on your smartphone.

Opera has been known for a while for its handy built-in VPN feature, but until recently that was only reserved for PC users. At least, on the smartphone, users had to download a separate app to browse partially anonymously.

The energy-efficient browser transfers the built-in proxy service (not the VPN) to their smartphone version. This way you can easily bypass regional blocks without having to download an external app. In the settings of the browser you set a slider and voilà, your browser is set to accessing the net from Europe, America or Asia.

The Norwegian company is not the only one that offers proxy and VPN services through their browser, but that the service built into the browser itself is special. For example, with the Chrome browser you have to download extensions to use such a service.

For the time being, the function of Opera is in beta for Android. When the full feature is rolled out and the feature also comes to iOS is not yet known.

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