We can’t win over the machines but we can find better excuses

It looks like human race can no longer win a game of chess with a proper computer, but 31-year-old Harish Natarajan has shown that we are still in charge of when it comes to argument.

Natarajan, world record holder of debates wins, joined IBM’s Project Debater AI last Monday at the company’s Think conference. Each party was given 15 minutes to prepare for the debate on subsidizing preschools.

The computer used for its argumentation a database with ten billion sentences from newspapers and scientific journals. It did not help, at least in the eyes of auditory consisting of humans. After 25 minutes the audience indicated the candidate of flesh and blood as the winner.

Earlier, IBM machines did win from humans. In 1996, chess grand master Garry Kasparov was defeated in the game of chess. In 2011 two Jeopardy! Attendees followed. And the AlphaGo from Alphabet Inc. has shown that artificial intelligence can win control in the game Go. Recent AI beats champions on the Starcraft field.

Debating – which requires creativity and emotional exchanges – turns out to be a lot more difficult for computers.

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