Amazon’s Lord of The Rings craziness has begun!

The internet is going wild. As you may know, Amazon is working on a Lord of the Rings TV series. Already since the announcement, fans are enthusiastic about the arrival of the series, but in terms of communication Amazon was still somewhat mysterious.

That has now come to an end. On Twitter, the team behind The Lord of The Rings TV series started placing the first content. The first three tweets placed on the social network focus on the Middle Earth map. What is immediately noticeable, at least if you are a fan of LOTR, is that the map is more easterly than the map we know from writer J.R.R. Tolkien.

The nice thing is that the map is also interactive. Who the Amazon site can give you a more detailed look at the map. Downloading is also possible. Although we have not seen any pictures of the series yet, fans seem excited for the time being. It is hoped that Amazon can match the level of the films. If so, then the Lord of the Rings TV series will become an absolute gem.

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