The latter Marvel Netflix series will disappear

The Marvel adventure on Netflix is ​​really over. Like a roaring lion, Disney is looking for series on Netflix to take away. That may sound crazy, but Disney is working on its own streaming service and this party holds the Marvel rights. Because Netflix is ​​a direct competitor to the Disney streaming service, Netflix has to hand in a number of top players at Disney.

Earlier it was already known that Iron Fist, Luke Cage and DareDevil do not get a new season on Netflix. Now the series The Punisher and Jessica Jones have been added to that list, says Deadline. The partnership between Marvel and Netflix lasted five years, but comes to an end after this period.

Whether this also means the end of the characters is still the question. The chance is that Disney will pick up this glove and make a new season for example Jessica Jones. It will not get better for the consumer. Fans of Marvel are put in front of the block. It can become quite expensive on a monthly basis if you have one Netflix and one Disney subscription.

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