Alliander forecasts power consumption to raise five times, infrastructure is lagging behind

The delays at power generation company Alliander are increasing considerably due to, for example, the great demand for connections to solar parks. In some areas people have to wait 48 weeks for certain connections, says top manager Ingrid Thijssen. She calls the energy infrastructure in the Europe a ‘bottleneck’ in the large-scale transition to renewable energy.

Especially in rural areas in Friesland, Gelderland and North Holland, where the electricity grid is ‘thin’, Alliander runs into problems. The national shortage of technicians also plays a role, says the CEO. Alliander has already started recruiting suitable personnel from migrants with a residence permit.

But in the long term, Thijssen also anticipates problems in a big cities like Amsterdam if action is not taken in time. Alliander research shows that the demand for electricity can increase fivefold by 2050 through all kinds of power-consuming data centers and completely new neighborhoods.

Alliander therefore once again insisted on the presentation of the annual figures that it is very important that, together with municipalities, long-term planning is possible in terms of energy infrastructure. The network company also thinks that more than 3 million people and companies in the Netherlands should adjust the legislation on certain points. The main issue is that projects can be financed in advance.

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