Is MateX worth it?

Smartphone maker should be considered prime one if it has a folding screen in the model row. Huawei also has that in mind, because they presented the Mate X on the eve of the Mobile World Congress. The device is not only futuristic: Huawei makes with all kinds of special names that you immediately know what kind of device you have to deal with. The Mate X has been executed in the color ‘Interstellar Blue’ and the mechanical hinge ‘Falcon Wing’ has been christened.

The Mate X is equipped with a flexible OLED screen. The screen at the front measures 6.6 “and has a resolution of 2.480 by 1.148 pixels, the second screen is 6.38” wide and has 2.480 by 892 pixels. If you open the Mate X, you will get one 8 inch display with a resolution of 2,480 by 2,200 pixels.

Huawei uses the extra space for a sharp battery, for example, because with a capacity of 4,500mAh there is a copy that you can use for a while. Thanks to the SuperCharge support, that battery is charged 85 percent in 30 minutes. Exact information about the battery life is unfortunately still missing.

Under the bonnet we also find the Balong 5000, currently the fastest 5G chip in the world. It is still a while waiting for support from Dutch providers, but if that is the case, then you can upload and download even faster. In that respect, the Mate X is also future-proof.

The Huawei Mate X will come on the market later this year and will receive a starting price of 2,299 euros ($2800!), which is slightly more expensive than the Galaxy Fold.

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