Google drops functions from ‘OK Google’ and that is not fun

The Google assistant works reasonably well. You can ask a lot of questions and the assistant executes the command without touching the device. There are also risks attached to this. To what extent can you have assignments carried out without it being clear that the owner in question makes a request?

That question Google asked itself and has now taken a drastic measure. 9to5Google message that the American company has reduced the number of orders via ‘OK Google’. Assignments that are related to personal things are no longer possible to ask.

With an ‘OK Google’ the assistant limits himself to questions where the phone does not have to be unlocked. Ask questions about reminders, emails, your calendar, contacts and lists is still possible. Ask what kind of weather you can expect, where the assistant then opens a weather app your smartphone is no longer there.

Google hopes to increase the safety of the assistant. Only after entering a pin code, reading your fingerprint or recognizing your face, all features of the Google assistant can be used again. A setback and less fun news for large users of OK Google. However positive for the safety of your smartphone.

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