Apple’s foldable smartphone looks like Samsung Galaxy Fold?

All smartphones look the same

The foldable phone is hype and hot. We do not know very well yet if people will massively buy the foldable smartphone, but as a manufacturer you do not belong to first league if you do not have a foldable smartphone in the range.

Samsung and Huawei are one of the first top brands with the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X the first foldable smartphone as a product on the market. Apple also works according to insiders on its own device and that possibly gets technology that we know from the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

According to ETNews, Samsung Display has sent some examples of foldable screens to Apple. The American tech company can then decide whether they are indeed going to work with this technology, or whether they are entering into a deal with another manufacturer, for example. The source message about a 7.2-inch large screen. That is 0.1-inch smaller compared to the screen of the Galaxy Fold.

It is expected that Apple will only be able to produce a foldable smartphone in 2020. Should the tech company start using Samsung Display then that is not a strange choice. The Koreans also supply OLED panels for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to the tech company from Cupertino. Samsung is not the only brand, LG also delivers panels to Apple.

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