Look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 from the other side

What does the smartphone have to say to us?

The Galaxy S10 is gradually starting to come into the hands of consumers and that means YouTubers are also making plenty of videos from the latest device. A teardown of the Galaxy S10 has already been discussed here, but in this article we get a look in the smartphone thanks to a new video from JerryRigEverything.

The YouTuber feels the Galaxy S 10 to the tooth. The interest in his video is huge. The video maker managed to get more than a million views within a day for the video he made. His video shows that the Galaxy S10 is relatively easy to disassemble, provided you are a good do-it-yourselfer.

Only at the motherboard do the real complex issues come to the fore. The YouTuber also compares some components with the Galaxy S9, the predecessor of the Galaxy S10 that was presented in 2018 by Samsung. Watch the video below and see the Galaxy S10 as you have not seen before.

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