Samsung Galaxy S10 face recognition is no exception to the rule

Face recognition as well as fingerprint scanners are evil

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 is also in a bad light. The smartphone, which journalists are really enthusiastic about, is not as safe as you would believe. YouTubers conclude that. The necessary messages can also be found on social media from people who question facial recognition on the Galaxy S10.

The Infinity-O is nice to see and it is great that Samsung has found such a solution for a hefty notch. For example, Apple has a big notch with its iPhones, but that is not without reason. Numerous sensors are hidden in that notch that allow face recognition on the iPhone to be quite safe.

Since the Galaxy S10 does not have such sensors, face recognition is a lot less safe. Practical tests reveal strange conclusions. For example, it would be possible for your brother or sister to unlock your Galaxy S10. The sensors would not be able to make a good distinction. The subject of Unbox Therapy is also discussed below. This does not alter the fact that the Galaxy S10 is a dyke of a smartphone. However, you are advised not to use face recognition on the Android smartphone.

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