Europe acknowledges the use of smartphone location

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From Tuesday, employees in the control room know exactly where a caller with an Android telephone is located, reports the National Control Room. With the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) technology, it is possible to accurately determine the location of a caller.

With the help of this technique, the operator can already see where a caller is during the conversation. When someone calls 112, AML is switched on.

The location is determined via WiFi, GPS and other sensors of the telephone. The technology also works if the caller has the phone’s GPS off. AML is switched off again after the call.

When someone calls 112 and the location can be registered via AML, the control room operator asks for the location in the conversation for confirmation. In this way it can be ensured that emergency services always go to the right place.

The technology must help to help people in need better and faster. During calls with 112, the caller is not always able to provide an accurate location.

AML currently only works with Android phones, but will also be introduced for iOS devices later this year.

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