Caiway offers SIM-only internet subscription plan to Dutch

Caiway has started offering SIM-only subscriptions for mobile phones, the company reports Thursday. The T-Mobile network is used for this.

The three subscriptions are marketed under the name Caiway Mobile. With this, Caiway says it meets the wishes of customers “to purchase all telecom products from the same supplier”. Caiway already offers internet, television and fixed telephony in the Netherlands.

Caiway Mobile consists of a Budget, Standard and Extra subscription. For the Budget variant, people pay 15 euros per month with a two-year subscription. For that they get 500 MB of internet and two hundred calling minutes.

The Standard version costs 20 euros per month for 4 GB data and four hundred calling minutes. The Extra bundle is the most expensive at 27 euros per month. Customers receive an unlimited number of calling minutes and a data bundle of 10 GB per month.

People who already purchase regular internet from Caiway and combine this with a Mobile subscription will receive 2.50 euros off their SIM-only subscription and 5 euros off their internet subscription every month.

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