Authorities warn of crashing DJI drones

The Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) warns of several drones from the Chinese manufacturer DJI with technical defects, which may crash.

The ILT does this after the British Aviation Authority received reports from six DJI Matrice 210 drones that became uncontrollable and crashed. One of the engines might fail quickly, which causes the problems.

In the Netherlands, someone lost control of a Matrice 210 at the start of 2018. According to the ILT, this incident has no connection with the problems in the UK.

The advice is to stay at least 25 meters away from the drone when using a Matrice 210 drone. The same is advised with the Matrice 200 series, because both series are very similar. By law, drone owners must already be at least 25 meters away from the device. There are users who have received an exemption for this. Despite the warning, these exemptions are not suspended.

In November the ILT also warned about problems with DJI drones. Two types of batteries were causing problems at the time, as a result of which the drones could fall out of the sky uncontrollably.

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