MIT canceled cooperation with Chinese tech giants

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has stopped cooperating with the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, the American university reports in a letter on the website.

MIT discontinues cooperation due to investigations by US authorities into Chinese companies. They may have violated trade restrictions.

Collaborations with China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are also being stopped. “The institute will reconsider the partnership,” writes MIT top executive Maria Zuber. In addition, no new partnerships are being entered into for the time being.

In January, the University of Oxford stopped “accepting research grants and donations from Huawei” for three to six months.

By order of the US, a senior Huawei woman was arrested in Canada on suspicion of violating trade sanctions against Iran. Huawei in the US is also suspected of espionage for the Chinese government. The company has always denied that. Neither has concrete evidence been provided for this.

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