ASML: Chinese espionage is not the case

ASML Chip machine maker does not agree with the suggestion that the company has been the victim of Chinese espionage practices. The company states in a statement that it has been deprived of patented information by a handful of employees. According to ASML there is no question of a national conspiracy.

The Financieele Dagblad was the first to report the alleged espionage practices by China. According to ASML, the article highlights a previous lawsuit in the US. In that case, a company called XTAL was found guilty of misusing ASML’s confidential information. The chip machine maker tracked the fraudsters themselves.

ASML says that it has mentioned the outcome of the case several times in publications. The financing for XTAL came from South Korea and China. The compensation that had to be paid to ASML amounts to 223 million dollars. According to ASML, it is still unclear to what extent this damage can be collected from the now bankrupt XTAL.

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