EU intends to enforce tariffs on USA exports

The European Union wants to introduce its own import taxes if US President Donald Trump continues his threat of levies on European products. Among other things, the EU wants to place an additional burden on imports of food such as lobster, ketchup and orange juice, but also for example tobacco, casino tables and helicopters, writes Bloomberg news agency that a provisional list was handed over.

In total, the products selected by the EU would have an import value of € 20 billion. However, the EU wants to make a selection that is just above € 10 billion in terms of import value.

The EU’s move is a response to Trump’s threat to introduce import duties on US $ 11 billion worth of European goods. This includes Goudse and Edam cheese. The threat is due to subsidies from aircraft manufacturer Airbus. According to the American trade envoy Robert Lighthizer, these are harmful.

The EU believes that Airbus’ biggest rival Boeing also receives state aid. Both parties have submitted complaints to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the conflict that has been going on for fourteen years.

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