Growing Twitter is doing well

Trump's favorite Network is feeling more than OK

Twitter has done good business with its advertising sales in the first quarter. Partly because of this, the microblogging service saw its turnover rise faster than expected. The number of users was also on the rise.

Revenues amounted to 787 million dollars, an increase of 18 percent compared to a year earlier. The number of daily users seeing advertisements rose to 134 million, from 126 million in the previous quarter. That too was more than expected.

The number of monthly users, a figure that according to Twitter itself is less relevant, did fall compared to a year earlier. According to the company, this has to do with the intensified fight against spam and fake accounts. Twitter will stop sharing data about the number of monthly users after this quarter.


US President Donald Trump criticized Twitter in a response to the quarterly report. He claims to be duped by Twitter’s policy to delete and block accounts. He says that Twitter thereby discriminates against Republican users.

By the way, Trump called himself in a quote that he attributed to a FOX TV channel presenter “the best thing that ever happened to Twitter.”

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