Twitter alerts for fake news about EU elections

Twitter says with the European elections coming up and the current Indian elections extra attention to prevent the spread of fake news and false data through its platform. From Thursday, users in India can actively report false attempts to influence the polls to the company. As of April 28, this option is also available for European voters.

Twitter wants to prevent the medium from being used to disrupt or manipulate the elections. The ballot box in India is the largest democratic exercise in the world involving 900 million people. The elections last seven weeks together. In Europe, the 28 member states of the European Union elect their representatives from May 23 to 26.

Reports about fake news and other messages that are not in the bracket are assessed by Twitter according to the company’s standards. Accounts that have been determined to systematically post electoral disinformation can be suspended.

A striking detail is that Twitter is under pressure in the EU. According to Brussels, the tech company should be more transparent about the origin of certain advertising messages on politically sensitive topics such as immigration and climate change.

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