Google comes with option to have data automatically deleted after three months

As if you have to trust it

With the ‘location history’ and ‘web and app activity’ tracking options, Google displays a window when the feature is active, allowing users to choose to save the data until they delete it manually, three months or eighteen months.

After activating the feature, Google will automatically delete the data after the specified three or eighteen month period, the company says. That happens all the time. It is unclear whether the data only disappears from the user’s account or whether Google no longer stores it on its own servers.

Google says that the same retention policy applies to auto-delete as to other deletions. Tools that measure popularity such as Google Trends or viewcounters on YouTube maintain the anonymous count. “We are immediately starting the process of removing data from our systems. It can no longer be used to personalize your Google experience, such as personalizing advertisements.”

Google uses the data to personalize services and to make advertisements more targeted. All Google advertising products rely on the data that the company collects about users, and the company relies on advertisements for much of its revenue. Enabling tracking of web and app activities is necessary for, among other things, installing Google Home speakers and searching for already visited or favorite places in Google Maps.

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