Google improves product privacy

They care. They really do.

Google is more committed to privacy, the company announced during its I / O developer conference. The company does this by, among other things, having more computation shifted to mobile telephones instead than in data centers. Android also makes it clearer when apps use the phone’s location data, for example, and gives Google users more options about how long data can be stored.

That privacy is also important with Google’s smart home products. They will all be released under the Nest brand. For example, Google introduced a new smart assistant with screen. The camera and microphone can be switched off with a button on the device.

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are also important for Google. For example, Google uses artificial intelligence to subtitle videos live and translate texts. Google Maps will eventually get directions in augmented reality.

Google also introduced a new phone, the Pixel 3A. That is a middle class device that will cost $ 399 in the United States.

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