India joined Google shaming

The competition authority of India has investigated whether Google is abusing its power with the mobile operating system Android. Reuters writes that on the basis of insiders.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is said to have started investigating the problem last year. A full investigation was requested in April of this year.

Many details about the investigation are unknown. Reuters reports that the investigation will take approximately one year. Google executives are likely to be summoned to explain to the CCI.

In a statement, a Google spokesperson said the company “likes to cooperate to show that Android has created more competition rather than less.”

High fine from European Commission

Google was fined € 4.34 billion last year by the European Commission for abuse of power with the mobile operating system Android. Research has shown that phone makers who wanted to use Android also had to install the Google search engine on phones.

The company thus had an unfair advantage over other search engines, the European Commission said. Google would also have paid phone makers to ensure that they would install the Google Search app.

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