Firexox bug contained, leaked data deleted

Permanent fix coming soon

Mozilla will remove all data that the company collected via an emergency solution for a major bug last week. That makes the creator of web browser Firefox known in a blog post.

At the beginning of May, it was suddenly impossible for Firefox users to use browser extensions because an important security certificate had expired. Mozilla then came into action and rolled out a quick, temporary fix. The problem was permanently resolved during the week.

However, the original fix was only accessible to people who were members of Firefox’s Studies beta program. Participation in the Studies program requires permission to save certain user data. Firefox users who wanted to install the bugfix therefore had to transfer privacy-sensitive information to Mozilla.

In an extensive blog post, Mozilla apologizes for the bug, and lets the company know it will delete all user data it collected through Studies on May 4 and 5. “We want to show respect for the intentions of our users and will therefore delete the telemetry and studies data of all users from that period,” said Mozilla.

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