Record flower export in the run-up to Mother’s Day

Dutch flower and plant exporters have set new records in the run-up to Mother’s Day. The flowering industry also benefited from the fact that Easter was a positive one this year. Mother’s Day has also been celebrated earlier in various countries.

According to statistics, last month flower exports rose by 19 percent to 343 million euros, while plants with 301 million euros accounted for a plus of 10 percent compared to April last year.

“This is a new monthly record and is driving export value in the right direction,” says Matthijs Mesken, director of trade association VGB.

Sunday, May 5, Mother’s Day was celebrated in Spain, Portugal, Romania and Hungary, among others. Sales in the run-up to that day went well. The French Mother’s Day falls on 26 May this year, so the impact of that is to look at coffee grounds, according to the VGB. Success in the flower industry is always very weather dependent.

As in many other countries, Mother’s Day in the Netherlands is invariably on the second Sunday of May. That is next Sunday. For the flower industry, the preceding period is usually one of the busiest periods of the year.

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