Samsung report that screen issues with a foldable phone are resolved

To solve a problem you have to invent it first

Samsung would have solved the problems with the screen of the Galaxy Fold, writes South Korean news agency Yonhap based on insiders. The phone is reportedly coming on the market next month.

The appearance of the Galaxy Fold was postponed by Samsung at the end of April, due to problems with the folding device. The smartphone actually had to be in stores from May 3. That date was not reached because journalists who were already able to test the phone suffered from broken screens.

Samsung has not officially announced a new release date, but said it is working on improving the phones. Small cracks in the hinge under the screen would have been better concealed, says Yonhap.

Users can also no longer remove the foil over the screen, because it runs through the edges of the device. Journalists saw the film as a protective layer against scratches, but after removal the displays showed cures.

In addition to screen troubles, the Galaxy Fold also reportedly encountered problems with support for new 5G networks. Samsung is currently conducting network tests in South Korea, so that the device can be released in that country at the beginning of June.

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